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We’re So Namaste Right Now! Sibs Episode 11 on YouTube

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We’re So Namaste RN! Sibs Episode 11 is Live on YouTube!
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Sometimes siblings need professional help…

Kim and Bryan visit a therapist to save their relationship – and because their parents won’t pay their rent until they do. When therapy doesn’t work out, Kim and Bryan have to find an alternative way to convince their parents to pick up the rent tab. Kim comes up with a checklist of tasks (for not hating each other) to prove rent money believing this will show their parents they are rent worthy.

One by one they work their way to less sibling rivalry in true Sibs fashion (they seriously botch things up)! When all else fails, Kim and Bryan turn to “Nana,” whose advice is anything but compassionate. Finally, they find some commonality in their relationship, but at a huge cost! BTW, we love our vegan and yogi friends (even if our characters take issue). Yoga park brawls and vegan street fights may apply! #Namaste.

Sibs Episode 11 Comedy Trailer:

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Behind the Scenes: Kim and Bryan’s Faves

Sibs Namaste Yoga Pants - Who Wore it Better?The “Nana” Files: Nana finally receives her comeuppance in this episode. Even a blind, eighty-nine year old, social media master cannot escape the consequences of her behavior. Could this be the end of “Nana” as we know it?!

Simplifyn’ Bryan: Bryan kinda looks good in yoga pants. However, maybe they’re just a tad too tight.

This’ll Get You in Trouble: Once again, Kim and Bryan could have benefitted from reading signs posted clearly on doors. Though, we can’t imagine the “siblings retreat” didn’t suck!

Kimformation: Kim has no idea what she’s missing out on…quinoa burgers are delicious!

Sibling Rivalry: Kim and Bryan rockin all black at yoga in the park. Who wore it better? That’s the real question here.

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