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Ultimate Sibs Checklist: 6 Signs You’d Make a Horrible Spy

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Horrible Spy Alert – Sibs Season Finale: Nana’s Secrets (Part 2).  Sibs Web Series Episode 13

After being recruited for a super secret spy mission by the U.S. government in Nana’s Secret (Part 1), Bryan and Kim must save the world from their late Nana’s arch nemesis, Mr. Arsehole, and end the “Great War with Canada.”

Yes, the siblings have the makings of a horrible spy team. Possibly the world’s two dumbest spies, the sibs must infiltrate the totally secret Canadian society known as the “Totally Secret Canadian Society” with the help of their more than slightly annoyed government contact. Can Bryan and Kim save the United States from The Great War or will they screw it up royally? Find out in the season 1 finale of Sibs Comedy Web Series.

The great war with Canada was inspired by our favorite episode of the season, Episode 9 “Canadian Podcast,” where Bryan abandons his quest for Instafame in favor of Canadian Podcast fame.

Sibs Season 1 is Live on YouTube! Watch the Comedy Trailer Below!

6 Signs You’d Make a Horrible Spy!Sibs Episode 13 - Kimberly Niccole and Bryan Scamman

Bryan and Kim may not be the ideal candidates for a secret mission, but alls well that ends well, right? If you were ever considering a double life as a secret spy, here are 6 ways to check your suitability…

1. If you’ve ever insisted a farm animal was mechanical spy machine, you’d definitely make a horrible spy!

2. If your entire mission protocol is backed by what you’ve seen on tv or in the movies, you just may make a horrible spy!

3. If the success of your mission relies on wearing super secret sunglasses, we’re almost certain you’d be the worst spy ever…after Kim and Bryan of course!

Kimberly Niccole in Sibs Finale Meme4. If you can’t consume more than half an alcoholic beverage without becoming a belligerent drunk, the spy life might just not be for you.

5. If your super stealthy getaway plan involves Star Wars Jedi mind tricks, learn to love your civilian life…because you’d make a god-awful spy!

6. If you can’t tell the difference between a voice changing app used to conceal one’s identity and a guy that tried to kidnap you 7 episodes ago, it’s totally fine…you don’t need to be a spy, and your mom loves you anyway.

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Behind the Scenes of the Final Episode of Sibs Season 1 With Kim and Bryan:

Kimberly Niccole: Some of our fans reached out to us after our finale went live on YouTube and asked us if there was a news article from the final scene of Nana’s Secret (Part 2). The answer…YES! It flew by quickly in the scene, but there were 2 news articles (totally published by a reputable journalist). Not like I wrote them at 4 am or anything.

Bryan Scamman: The newspaper with the headline “Sibs Save the World From Canada: FAKE NEWS!!!” that ends our season actually has a second article as well, “Canadian Hockey Player Will Make a Full Recovery.” That article is a throwback to one of our faves of the season, “Canadian Podcast.” Definitely worth a read. I’m thinking bathroom material here. #NoDisrespecttoTotallyCanadianNews

Read the news article that cost the Sibs $1.2 Million dollars in secret spy money.

Download the PDF for excellent bathroom reading material!

Sibs Web Series Season Finale Fake News Article


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Sibs Web Series season finale sparks the Horrible Spy Checklist. Considering a double life as a secret spy? Here are 6 ways to check your suitability.

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