Sibs Season Finale (Part 1) is on YouTube and it’s Crazy!

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Sibs Season Finale (Part 1) is on YouTube and it’s Bonkers fun!SIbs season finale part 1 (sibs blog)

Kim and Bryan are responsible for putting on the funeral service for their beloved Nana after accidentally giving her attack in Sibs episode 11: #Namaste.

After giving what can only be described as the most untouching eulogy ever, the sibs are called to a reading of the will to discuss their inheritance…

But when they arrive, it is anything but a standard operating procedure…

Sibs Season Finale Part 1 (Nana and the Great War of Canada)In order to inherit Nana’s net worth, Bryan and Kim must embark on a secret mission to finish what Nana started, 65 years ago.

Why does Nana hate Canada so much? Find out in this episode.

More than meets the eye, Nana had skeletons in her closet and blood on her hands. New sibs Nana and Bryant join the cast for the season finale…played by two incredible actors who shall remain anonymous :).

Can our sibs uncover Nana’s secret past and save the day without f-ing it all up royally?


Part 2 of Sibs season finale, “Totally Secret Spy Mission”, will release on YouTube Sunday, July 16th @ pm PST on YouTube! Subscribe here.

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Behind the Scenes of Sibs “Nana’s Secret”

The infamous interrogation scene in this episode was shot at Bronson Caves in Griffith Park. Many a yoga selfies were taken on our shooting day — obviously not by us. We were the ones with blood over us, which no one found odd at all. If you live in Los Angeles, you get it.

The SFX for this episode were created by Matt Ryan. “Special thanks goes out to Matt for helping us parachute out of a plane, flashback to 1952 and shoot guns and do super secret stuff!” – Kimberly Niccole

The Nana Files: Nana hated Canada with a passion, but now we know why. If you didn’t catch the first reference in Episode 9, “Canadian Podcast”, here it is again for your viewing pleasure:

Kimformation: It looks like Kim’s psychotic tendencies, fight lust and kleptomania will finally work to Bryan’s advantage.

Simplifyn’ Bryan: We don’t know where the agent got his intelligence about Bryan’s skills with women? We’ve seen him get the crap slapped out of him for his cheesy pickup lines.

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What were your favorite moments of Part 1 of the Sibs Season Finale? Watch and let us know in the comments!


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 Sibs Web Series Season Finale (Part 1) is here...and it's Bonkers fun!

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