New release and Behind the Scenes: Sibs Episode 10

New Release: Sibs Episode 10 “Going Solo” [Comedy Web Series]

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New Release! Sibs Episode 10: Going Solo is Live on YouTube!Behind the Scenes of Episode 10 "Going Solo"

In our new release, Sibs’ characters, Kim and Bryan, get more than they bargained for when they part ways in a sibling feud after getting Canada-banned in Sibs Epiosde 9: Canadian Podcast.

With both determined their Sib is the problem, Bryan and Kim get a huge lesson in family togetherness as they see themselves in 5 years without each other, and must ask themselves the question “Who would you be without family”?

Behind the Scenes: Kim and Bryan’s Faves

“We had a lot of fun shooting this one”, said Sibs Co-Creator Kimberly Niccole. “Who knew Sibs could get even zanier in dream sequences”?

“I think the funnest things to shoot in this episode were the flashforwards!”, said Co-Creator Bryan Scamman. “My character as a down-on-his-luck homeless man, and Kim’s underground fight scene (where we mixed Fight Club and Mortal Kombat) were a blast to do.

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