New Episode of Sibs Comedy Web Series: Canadian Podcast

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New Release! Sibs Episode 9: Canadian Podcast is Live on YouTube!New Episode of Sibs: Canadian Podcast

In the new release, Bryan gets a shot at Canadian fame when a popular Canadian podcast flies the sibling duo out to interview them about their hit vlog. In true Kim style (none too smart), Kim becomes terrified as she hadn’t put two and two together that talking at a camera meant they were actually seen by people. When Kim’s stage fright kicks in, Bryan must jump in to help his sister overcome her stage fright by successfully immersing her in Canadian culture. Bryan’s hunger for Canadian fame may get the best of him as he tries to become…the next Mitchael J. Fox!…The next Justin Bieber!…The next Celine Dion! Funny videos, insults, one-liners, sibling selfies, and loving Canadian stereotypes may apply. Oh, yeah, and there’s blood lust too! 🙂

Watch the Episode 9 Comedy Trailer Below:

Watch New Episode - Canadian Podcast

New Episode: Behind the Scenes of Episode 9 “Canadian Podcast.”


Sibling MemeWe were invited to sit down with Canadian Podcasters (Neil and Dave) of Maple Syrup Shots last month – be sure to wish them a happy 100th episode (coming soon)! Anyway, we love the MSS podcast so much, and the idea for a new episode was born. We made “Canadian Podcast” for the MSS, and we had a blast with it. Listen to the full podcast interview with Sibs here!

Kimberly said, “Because of the 12-hour start to end time on Sibs, our show is entirely shot and edited on iPhone (using iMovie). This was the first episode that our show actually touched a computer. Shoutout to Matt Ryan for the SFX on “Canadian Podcast”!

“Bryan has a real lust for fame on Sibs and there’s nothing better than Candian podcast fame, right?” – Bryan Scamman, Co-creator/Actor

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