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Sibs Los Angeles
Screening 8.27.17

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New Episodes of SIBS Comedy Web Series Sundays on YouTube!

Produced by Broster Productions, and starring, directed and written by Los Angeles-based actors Kimberly
Niccole and Bryan Scamman. New episodes of SIBS YouTube comedy show are available Sundays at 8pm PT!

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“Sibs” is a new Comedy Web Series following brother-sister team, Bryan and Kim, in celebration of a loving sibling rivalry, adulting and selfie culture in Los Angeles.

Our funny videos highlight the bond between our unwitting Sibs. Our series stars real-life Sibs team, actress Kimberly Niccole and actor Bryan Scamman.

Sibs is shot exclusively on iPhone 7, edited exclusively in iMovie and Episodes are filmed, edited and released within a 12-hr period to capture the caught-on-film moments and selfie/millennial style.

Meet Kim and Bryan
Kimberly Niccole and Bryan Scamman in Sibs Comedy Web Series
  • Very funny series! Anyone with a brother or sister can definitely relate. The two actors play off each other perfectly.

    Jennifer O’Shea (via Facebook)
  • These two seriously make watching them together a pleasure. There are moments that have made me laugh out loud (even while sitting alone). A pleasure to watch.

    Tony Williams (via Stareable)
  • Anyone with a good sibling relationship will appreciate the back and forth comedy. Strong understanding of the internet shorts genre. Never a dull moment.

    Barry Nolan (Via Facebook)
  • The best part of this series is the sincere relationship between brother and sister. A lifetime for each of the two leads in those roles colors each second of footage.

    Matt Ryan (via @stareable)
  • Super fun show! The leads have a great energy together that keeps you watching.

    The Pantheon Series
  • Not only is the series honest-to-goodness, laugh out loud comedic gold, it is also extremely representative of a specific bond laughter creates between the closest of siblings/friends.

  • If you have siblings, you’ll get it. If you’re an only child, you’ll be glad given the situations these two get themselves into. The characters’ desperation for fame is hilarious!

    Mandy (via @Stareable)

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Sibs Comedy Web Series - Sibling YouTube Series Created by Kimberly Niccole and Bryan Scamman